(info.)202111-202201 BMW デジタルプロダクツ



OS 6F23 (2 series Cabrio) , F39 (X2), F46 (2 series Gran Tourer), F48 (X1) , I01 (i3)
OS 7F40 (1 series), F44 (2 series Gran Coupé), G42 (2 series Coupé), F90 (M5), F91 (8 series Cabrio M), F92 (8 series Coupé M), F93 (M8 Gran Coupé), F95 (X5 M), F96 (X6 M), F97 LCI (X3 M), F98 LCI (X4 M), G01 LCI (X3), G02 LCI (X4), G05 (X5), G06 (X6), G07 (X7), G08 BEV (iX3), G11 (7 series), G12 (7 series), G14 (8 series Cabrio), G15 (8 series Coupé), G16 (8 series Gran Coupé), G20 (3 series), G21 (3 series Touring), G22 (4 series Coupé), G23 (4 series Cabrio), G26 (4 series Gran Coupé), G29 (Z4), G30 LCI (5 series), G31 LCI (5 series Touring), G32 LCI (6 series Gran Coupé), G80 (M3), G82 (M4 Coupé), G83 (M4 Convertible)
OS 8 (SP18)G26 BEV (i4)
OS 8I20 (iX), U06 (2 series Active Tourer)


TitleTyre Defects, Tyre Wear and Mounting Information
DescriptionTyres play a big role within mobility and comfort. This set of new features under the name Digital Tyre Diagnosis, as a part of the project Star Next, with functions onboard and at the dealers, provide very valuable information and notifications to customer about the status of the tyres. Specifically, there are three main areas: (a) recognition and notification of tyre defects, (b) recognition and notification regarding tyre wear, (c) information about attributes of the mounted tyres.
TitleTyre Pressure Target / Now
DescriptionEach individual tyre pressure is displayed in the My BMW App.
TitleStatus of Ventilation/Climatization
DescriptionIt was not clear for the customers, after executing a climatization event, what the car was doing. Now the status heating, cooling, ventilation is clearly displayed to the customer.
TitleRemote Theft Recorder (Surrounding Cameras)
DescriptionIn case that the alarms goes off, the customer is notified via the My BMW App. The customer has then the option to download and visualize footage from the surroundings captured after alarm went off.
TitleDrive Recorder
DescriptionRecordings with SP18, either ID7 or ID8, are limited to 40seconds. In SP21 with ID8, recordings length increased to 60 seconds.The customer can select to continuously record in USB. The customer can select which cameras to record to the USB: 1, 2 or 4.
TitleRemote 3D View / Remote Theft Recorder / Remote Inside View-App Gallery
DescriptionRemote 3D View as well as Remote Theft Recorder is displayed in a Gallery within the My BMW App. Each entry in the gallery displays valuable attributes additionally to the recordings, such as, location, timestamp.
TitleRemote 3D View (aka Remote360)-Higher Camera Quality and improved rendered model.
DescriptionInstalled surrounding cameras have higher resolution and therefore offer more details. Whereas SP18 has HD Resolution (1280x960px), SP21 is Full HD (1920x1080px). The rendered model of the surroundings in 3D via the My BMW App looks as consequence better.
TitleSnapShot, Remote Inside VIEW (Interior Camera)
DescriptionThe component interior camera has Customer facing on 11/21. The installed camera in the interior offer new multiple use cases. Currently, snapshots (photos) can be taken of the front and rear seat area while the customer is in the car as well remotely with the My BMW App. Remote Inside View is comparable to Remote 360 but using the interior camera.
TitleRemote Theft Recorder (Interior Camera)
DescriptionIn case that the alarms goes off, the customer is notified via the My BMW App. The customer has then the option to download and visualize footage from the interior captured after alarm went off.