(tECk iNFo)BMW センターロック後付キット for G80 G82 G83 G87

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G8x – nut, mechanical torque wrench (1,000 Nm) and tool for loosening the centre lock screw of the two centre lock retrofit kits

The central lock retrofit kits ( for rear-wheel drive and  for all-wheel drive) contain the wheel hubs with bearing as well as the central locking screws.

New design wheel rim with central lock(963M)

Nut for loosening and tightening the central locking screw

Fit the nut

Fit the nut (item 1) for releasing the central locking screw from the tool (item 2) and for firmly screwing on to the torque wrench (item 3).

Make sure that the nut is fitted correctly and locked in place!

Torque wrench (100 to 1,000 Nm) for controlled tightening the central locking screw

Delivery specification includes:

  • Item 1) Torque wrench up to 1,000 Nm (tolerance +/- 2%)
  • Item 2) Extension piece (with internal thread for screwing onto the torque wrench without play)
  • Item 3) Key for setting the torque value
  • Operating instructions and test certificate (not shown)


In order to achieve the torque (e.g. 930 Nm), a long lever and sufficient force are required. For this reason, the torque wrench is delivered with an extension piece (item 2). This partition is necessary to keep the packaging size as small as possible.

Calibration of the torque wrench according to the delivery specifications must be observed (included in the delivery specification).

Range of adjustments of the torque wrench

The torque value can be adjusted directly on the torque wrench (item 1) or with the attached extension piece (item 2). The key (item 3) is used for the adjustment. The small scale (item A) is graduated in increments of 5 and the yellow scale (item B) is graduated in increments of 50.

Application to tighten the central locking screw

  • Item 1) Nut
  • Item 2) Torque wrench

Tool for loosening the central screw plug

Delivery specification includes:

  • Item 1) End piece
  • Item 2) Centre section
  • Item 3) Hexagon socket wrench (SW 2.5)
  • Item 4) Set screws for fixing the centre section onto the end piece and cross-grip
  • Item 5) Cross-grip

Assemble the cross-grip (item 1), the centre section (item 2) and the end piece (item 3). It is important to ensure that the through bores in the cross-grip and end piece are aligned with the threaded holes in the centre section. Then screw in the set screw (item 4), two pieces are included in the delivery specification) with the hexagon socket wrench (item 5) up to the limit position. Only then, the components are fixed.

Application to release the central locking screw

  • Item 1) Nut
  • Item 2) Tool for releasing 


The detailed use of the tools for loosening and tightening the central locking screw is described in the installation instructions for the two central lock retrofit kits.