(Tech Info.)BMW ドライビングアシスタント 5AS 5AU

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I20 iXとかG26 i4などの最新モデル以外のBMW車に搭載されるADAS(Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems,先進運転支援システム)はオプションコードで言うところの5ASとその上位バージョンである5AUが現在のところ主流です。半導体不足前の日本仕様について、大雑把に線引きすると、2シリーズまでが5AS、3シリーズ以上は5AUというところでしょうか。バージョンによりいろいろな部品の番号が異なりますから部品屋泣かせです。




5AS : Driving Assistant

Camera and radar-based driver assistance system consisting of:

– Lane Departure Warning; at speeds above approx. 70 km/h, the system detects lane markings and helps prevent inadvertent departure from the lane by transmitting perceptible vibrations via the steering wheel as a warning as well as by actively correcting steering.

– Lane Change Warning permanently monitors the zones to each side of the vehicle, detects vehicles in the ‘blind spot’ from 20 km/h and faster for desired lane change (indicator is activated or stalk is held in ‘short on’ position), haptic warning via the steering wheel (vibration) and flashing symbol in the exterior mirror.

– Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning with city braking function. Front Collision Warning with brake intervention consists of Collision / Pedestrian Warning with city braking function and enables:

warning and braking within a speed range from approx. 5 km/h to 85 km/h (for vehicles) and within a speed range from 5 km/h to 65 km/h (for persons and cyclists). Also reacts to stationary target objects. If an accident cannot be avoided completely, the city braking function helps to reduce the impact speed through a braking intervention and hence, the severity of the accident. Collision Warning warns of a potential collision with a vehicle ahead (>85km/h).

– Rear crossing traffic warning:
supports the driver, for example, when reversing out of parking spaces and warns of potential collisions with crossing traffic in situations where it is difficult to see everything around them. In combination with option code 3AG ‘Rear view camera’, the rear crossing traffic warning is extended by an additional real-image in the display.

– Rear collision warning:
detects the threat of rear collisions via rear sensors and warns the traffic behind via the hazard warning lights (flashing in double frequency). Preventive measures will also be taken in unavoidable accident situations (e.g. belt tensioning, closing windows, etc.).
– Speed Limit Info with display of speed limits further ahead and no-overtaking indicator as well as manual Speed Limit Assist which enables the adoption of a detected speed limit as a set speed for the Speed Limiter function as well as cruise control.

5AU : Driving Assistant Professional

Camera/radar-based driver assistance system with the following functions incl. the contents of option codes 5AS and 5DF:

– Steering and Lane Control Assistant (LSA) – Emergency Stop Assistant *)
– Automatic Speed Limit Assist
– Lane Change Assistant*)

– Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection
– Front crossing traffic warning
– Evasion Assistant

– Crossroads Warning with city braking function
– Wrong-way Warning
– Traffic light detection *)
– Steering and Lane Control Assistant with active navigation guidance

5DF : Active cruise control with Stop&Go function

Camera and radar-based driver assistance system consisting of approach control (Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function), Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator, manual Speed Limit Assist, front collision warning with brake intervention.

Approach control (Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function) enables:
– Regulation of distance from vehicle in front by radar sensor in the bumper
– Automatic maintenance of queue speed and distance (front/back only) in stop-and-go traffic and in traffic jams, right down to complete standstill Automatic pull-away after short stops (1– 3s)
– Operation of the Active Cruise Control via multifunction for steering wheel. Desired speed (30–160km/h) and distance (4 steps) adjustable.
– Function also detects stopped vehicles as target objects
– Switch to ‘Cruise Control’ without approach control possible.

– Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator with display of speed limits further ahead and no- overtaking indicator

– (manual) Speed Limit Assist:
The Speed Limit Assist function combines Speed Limit Info with Active Cruise Control and enables the adoption of a speed limit detected while driving past the sign into the approach control system (Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function) via an additional operation step.

Front collision warning with brake intervention consisting of approach control warning with light braking function, Pedestrian Warning with city braking function and adaptive brake assist enables:

– situation-dependent pre-filling of the brake system and lowering of the trigger threshold of the ‘brake assist’ to provide maximum braking power in situations where collisions are likely.

– Reaction to vehicles ahead in a speed range of 5–200km/h
– Reaction to stationary targets at up to 85km/h
– Reaction to cyclists and pedestrians in a speed range of 5–85km/h

最近、日本市場でリリースされたG42 2シリーズクーペのADASは先代F22同様で5AS : Driving Assistantが装備されています。コレは少し残念なことで、アップデートされたG42はF22では搭載不可だった5AU : Driving Assistant Professionalを搭載可能なんです。