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When launched in 2013, the BMW i3 was the first premium electric vehicle on the market to rigorously pursue genuine sustainability. Its concept and electric powertrain were far ahead of their time, while its avant-garde looks remain as intriguing as ever. Today, eight years on, the BMW i3 has lost none of its appeal and has every chance of being remembered as a trendsetter in the history of electric mobility. And this electric pioneer continues to captivate the imagination. The most recent example is the upcoming limited Unique Forever Edition, which underlines the distinctive character of this BMW i vehicle in stylish and exclusive fashion. Available from November 2021, the

BMW i3 Unique Forever will be released in a limited edition of 2000 units worldwide. Today’s issue of Product Highlights has an overview of this special edition and the sustainable vehicle concept of the BMW i3.

BMW i3 Unique Forever Edition: exclusive and individual.

The BMW i3 is considered a pioneer of electric mobility. That hasn’t stopped BMW i from updating both the looks and technology of its first battery-electric production vehicle (BEV) over the years. Now, the limited Unique Forever Edition puts a particularly attractive spotlight on the electric vehicle’s avant-garde design, emphasising its distinctive character.

The two exterior colours Storm Bay Grey and Aventurine Red, discreet exterior modifications and various wraps in a contrasting colour visually set the BMW i3 Unique Forever Edition apart. Inside, the Suite interior design features leather upholstery, headrests with embroidered “Unique Forever” lettering and the “One of 2000” edition emblem to create an exclusive premium ambience.

The edition is available for the BMW i3 (125 kW/170 hp) as well as the more powerful i3s (135 kW/184 hp). It can be combined with the Sport package. The electric range of the 42.2-kWh battery extends up to 307 kilometres (WLTP). In keeping with the vehicle concept, energy consumption is low, amounting to 16.3–15.3 kWh/100 km (WLTP) for the BMW i3 and 16.6–16.3 kWh/100 km for the BMW i3s.

Sustainability and innovation going back to 2013.   

In 2013, the i3 made BMW i a pioneer in zero-CO2 mobility avoiding local emissions, especially in urban and suburban areas. From the start, BMW envisioned the i3 as a rigorously sustainable car. Using power from regenerative sources during production, an ultra lightweight carbon occupant cell, components made from renewable resources and the comprehensive use of recycled materials lend it the smallest CO2 footprint in its class. Furthermore, a clever plug & play approach enables easy utilisation of older BMW i3 batteries in second-life applications, where they can continue to serve as energy storage units for many years to come. At the same time, the battery-electric vehicle delivering an output of up to 135 kW/184 hp is more agile and dynamic than any competitor.

In fact, with its first battery-electric production model, BMW established its overarching sustainability concept in premium car manufacturing without compromising on driving pleasure. Since then, engineering innovations from the BMW i3 keep providing crucial inspiration for the development of electric mobility and the electrification of numerous other models. The innovative BMW i3 concept is also embodied in its progressive looks, which set it apart on the roads to this day. The perfect DNA for a future cult car.