(TopicS)BMW 5 シリーズ LCI セダン & ツーリング (G30 / G31 LCI)

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日本市場向けG30 G31 LCI 5シリーズは先進安全装備がフルオプションで搭載されています。すべての人命と財産を守るために有効な装備です。残念ながらそれらすべての機能、特長はオーナー、購入を考えている方々に充分伝わっていないのが現状です。


G30 G31 LCI 5シリーズ、オススメします。買いですよ、コレ。



The new BMW 5 Series continues to set the benchmark for cutting-edge standard and optional driver assistance systems in the business car segment. Driver assistance systems ease the driver’s workload in monotonous situations – such as traffic jams or slow-moving traffic – and provide a helping hand when the driver does not have a clear view. They process images recorded by cameras and data collected by ultrasound and radar sensors. 

And now new systems and an extended range of functions have arrived to further enhance comfort, safety and – through an anticipatory driving approach – efficiency as well. The addition of new driver assistance system functions is accompanied by a new arrangement of the controls on the steering wheel.
The new BMW 5 Series is fitted as standard with features including cruise control with brake function, manual Speed Limit Assist and the Attentiveness Assistant. 
As in the outgoing 5 Series, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function is available as an option. This camera- and radar-based driver assistance system consists of: 
  • Cruise control with approach control enables: regulation of distance from vehicle in front by radar sensors in the bumper. Automatic maintenance of queue speed and distance in stop-and-go traffic and in traffic jams, right down to complete standstill. Automatic pull-away after short stops (1–3 s). Operation of the active cruise control via multifunction for steering wheel. Desired speed (30–210 km/h) and distance (4 steps) adjustable. Function also detects stopped vehicles as target objects. Switch to ‘Cruise control’ without approach warning possible.
  • Speed Limit Info with display of speed limits further ahead and no-overtaking indicator in combination with option code ‘BMW Live Cockpit Plus’ / ‘option code ‘BMW Live Cockpit Professional’.
  • (Manual) Speed Limit Assist: The Speed Limit Assist function combines Speed Limit Info with active cruise control and enables the predictive adoption of a detected speed limit into the Active Cruise Control (ACC) via an additional operation step.
  • Front collision warning with brake intervention, consisting of collision warning with braking function, person warning with city braking function and adaptive brake assist. Enables a reaction to vehicles ahead at speeds of 5 – 200 km/h [3 – 124 mph], to stationary objects at up to 85 km/h [53 mph], and to cyclists and pedestrians at 10 – 65 km/h [6 – 40 mph].
The functions of the likewise optional Driving Assistant have been adapted and extended for the new BMW 5 Series. The camera- and radar-based driver assistance system comprises:
  • At speeds above approx. 70 km/h (43 mph), Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings and helps prevent inadvertent departure from the lane by transmitting perceptible vibrations via the steering wheel as a warning as well as by actively correcting steering. Suppressed when indicators are active or the indicator stalk is held in the ‘short on’ position (desired lane change). Display in the instrument cluster.
  • Lane Change Warning including blind spot detection: permanently monitors the zones to each side of the vehicle, detects vehicles in the ‘blind spot’ from 20 km/h (12 mph) and faster for desired lane change (indicator is activated or stalk is held in ‘short on’ position), haptic warning via the steering wheel (vibration) and flashing symbol in the exterior mirror.
  • (Manual) Speed Limit Assist: The Speed Limit Assist function combines Speed Limit Info with active cruise control and enables the predictive adoption of a detected speed limit into the Active Cruise Control (ACC) via an additional operation step.
  • Front collision warning with brake intervention consists of approach control / person warning with city braking function and enables: warning and braking within a speed range from approx. 5 km/h to 85 km/h (for vehicles) and within a speed range from 5 km/h to 65 km/h (for persons). Also reacts to stationary target objects. If an accident cannot be avoided completely, the city braking function helps to reduce the impact speed through a braking intervention and hence, the severity of the accident. Approach control warning also warns of potential collision with a vehicle ahead at higher speeds (>85 km/h), with preconditioning of the brakes for faster brake response and shorter braking distances. Operation by means of a button in the control unit for driver assistance systems.
  • Crossing-traffic warning rear: supports the driver, for example, when reversing out of parking spaces and warns of potential collisions with intersecting traffic in situations where it is difficult to see everything around them. In combination with OE 3AG ‘Rear view camera’, the Crossing-traffic warning rear is extended by an additional real-image display.
  • Rear collision prevention: detects the threat of rear collisions via rear sensors and warns the traffic behind via the hazard warning lights (flashing in double frequency). Preventive measures will also be taken in unavoidable accident situations (e.g. belt tensioning, closing windows etc.).
  • Speed Limit Info with display of speed limits further ahead and no-overtaking indicator in combination with option code 6U2 ‘BMW Live Cockpit Plus’ / ‘option code 6U3 ‘BMW Live Cockpit Professional’.
Camera/radar-based driver assistance system incl. the contents of Driving Assistant and Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function  and additionally:
  • Steering and Lane Control Assistant: uses corrective steering inputs to help the driver stay in the centre of their lane at speeds of 0 – 210 km/h [130 mph], including when the lane narrows; with Active Navigation, the car now detects necessary lane changes ahead and helps the driver to stick to the route calculated by the navigation system on multi-lane roads. When approaching a motorway intersection or exit, a display in the instrument cluster indicates the need to change lane. 
  • The Lane Change Assistant*) then helps the driver to carry out this manoeuvre with ease. In preparation, the system adjusts the car’s speed to make it easier to steer into a suitable gap in the adjacent lane; comfortable/automatic lane changes on motorways and roads with structurally separated carriageways can be initiated at speeds of 90 – 180 km/h [56 – 112 mph] by tapping the turn signal indicator lever; lane changes can be overridden at any time. 
  • The Emergency Stop Assistant*) is capable of controlling the vehicle for a short time and stopping it in the event of a medical emergency. 
  • Automatic Speed Limit Assist: SLA combines SLI with active cruise control (automatic adoption of proactively detected speed limits into the ACC)
  • Lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection: assists the driver in keeping in lane and actively preventing potential side collisions by means of corrective steering interventions within the 70 km/h and 210 km/h (43 – 130 mph) (Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning, side collision warning). Applies to Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning from approx. 20 km/h.
  • Crossing traffic warning front: warns of crossing traffic while leaving/entering a parking space as well as while turning into crossing traffic (up to 7 km/h [4 mph]) 
  • Evasion aid: assists in critical approach situations when evading is still possible (30-160 km/h [19 – 99 mph])
  • Crossroads warning with city braking function: Braking assistance with visual/acoustic warning incl. active brake intervention in the event of a potential collision with intersecting traffic. Active in the speed range of 10-85 km/h (6 – 53 mph)
  • Wrong-way warning: detects “no entry” signs on motorways, at roundabouts and at one-way roads
  • Automatic formation of emergency lane*): new function that helps the driver in tailbacks on the motorway; the system automatically recognises the need to form a lane for emergency services approaching from the rear and guides the car to the most appropriate side of its lane.
Camera and ultrasound-based assistance system consisting of parking assistant, active PDC, lateral parking aid and rear view camera as well as the functions of OE 508 ‘Park Distance Control (PDC)’.
  • Parking assistant: the parking assistant facilitates manoeuvring into parallel and lateral parking spaces. For this purpose, the system measures potential parking spaces while driving by at speeds below approx. 35 km/h even without prior activation. After displaying the information in the central display and activation by the driver, the parking assistant completely takes over vehicle control by steering, braking and shifting (only in combination with automatic transmission). Activation when reverse gear is engaged or transmission position “R” is selected or manually by button at speeds below 35 km/h. The function can be overridden by the driver at any time.
  • Active Park Distance Control: Prevention or minimisation of damage while reversing into parking spaces (at up to 5 km/h) with reaction to collision-critical obstacles towards the rear and sides. If the accelerator is depressed and an obstacle is detected, the function brakes slightly to alert the driver. If the accelerator is not depressed and the distance to the obstacle is very short, the function applies the maximum possible braking force up to a complete standstill to prevent a collision or minimise the resulting damage.
  • Reversing Assistant: While driving forward, the function saves the last 50 m of an entry path taken by the driver themselves at a speed of up to 35 km/h in order to follow this path while reversing upon request by the driver. This relieves the driver of steering tasks so they can focus entirely on monitoring the surroundings of the vehicle. The driver remains responsible for longitudinal control via accelerator and brakes (speed below 10 km/h) and for monitoring the surroundings of the vehicle to avoid collisions with objects in the vicinity.
  • Lateral parking aid: assists in damage minimisation while manoeuvring. Based on information from the Park Distance Control, the system memorises obstacles while driving past and shows their distance to the vehicle sides in the Control Display.
  • Rear view camera: supports the driver when reversing into a parking space and manoeuvring at speeds below 20 km/h by showing the area in the rear of the vehicle in the control display. The function provides better visibility while reversing. Interactive tracer lines show the vehicle’s trajectory. In combination with Park Distance Control, distance information is displayed inside the camera image. A zoom function for the trailer tow hitch facilitates backing up to couple a trailer. The camera is activated by engaging reverse gear. The camera is located in the tailgate.
Camera and ultrasound-based assistance system consisting of Surround View system and Remote 3D View as well as the functions of ‘Parking Assistant’ and ‘Park Distance Control (PDC)’.
  • Surround View system: Offers the camera-based functions Top View, Panorama View and 3D View. Cameras at the front and rear and in the exterior mirrors provide a 360° view around the vehicle including a three-dimensional visualisation. Panorama View front and rear makes it more safe to approach intersections and exits. In combination with radar-based monitoring of the area in front of the vehicle, the system warns of crossing traffic. An additional view on the Control Display shows the situation to the right and left of the vehicle. The displayed positioning lines facilitate positioning the vehicle at the stop line. The function is activated by the Panorama View button. Automatic activation is possible via the storage of personal locations (only with navigation). The view towards the front or rear depends on which gear is engaged.
  • Remote 3D View: Transfer of static images from 3D View to mobile terminal devices via the mobile phone network (only in combination with ‘Remote Services’). In Surround View, the vehicle and its surroundings can be viewed from any perspective.