(G22 4シリーズ)///M PERFORMANCEパーツリストとホイールリスト

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G22 4シリーズ用としてリリースされる///M PERFORMANCEパーツのリストと純正ホイールのリストです。

Wheels.The M Performance forged wheel Y-spoke 795 M Bicolor is technically the largest possible wheel / tyre combination approved by BMW. Moreover it has a better steering response and more dynamic driving due to reduced unsprung masses.

20” M Performance Alloy Y-spoke style 795 M Bi-colour Ferric grey matt, bright milled.
20” M Performance Alloy Y-spoke style 795 M in Jetblack matt.
20” M Performance Alloy cross-spoke style 794M in Jetblack burnished.

19” M Performance Light Alloy Y-spoke style 898 M in Frozen Gunmetal grey.

18” M Performance Light Alloy Double spoke Style 796 M in Jetblack matt. (Winter tire ready).
BMW fixed hub cap with 56 mm.Creates a focal point on the wheel.
The typical BMW logo with its blue and white propeller no longer turns with the wheel whilst the vehicle is in motion and instead remains stationary.
Simple installation: The fixed hub cap can easily be fitted when the wheel is changed. In addition, the rotating hub cap can be refitted.
Tyre bags.Fits for all 17”- 22” tyres.
Scope of delivery: set of four bags with M Performance lettering.
Provide protection against soiling, their markings ensure clear identification.
They radiate an extra motor racing atmosphere into the home garage.
M Performance 18-inch brake system.The M Performance 18" braking system is recognisable from the red colour of the brake calipers. Not only does this give it an attractive appearance, but the sports brakes also feature considerably enhanced deceleration performance.
Compared to the serial-production brakes, the 18-inch brake discs are bigger, perforated, grooved, and of lightweight construction.
They have a higher thermal resistance, for which reason they remain extremely stable even under extreme conditions.
The four-piston brake calipers are made of aluminium, in line with the consistent lightweight construction concept of the vehicle.
M Performance Aero flicks in black high-gloss.Add a more aggressive look.
M Performance Front splitter in carbon fiber.Underlines the striking and sporty look of the M Sport package.
Achieves further optimised aerodynamic values for a sporty driving style.
M Performance Kidney grille in carbon fiber.The carbon fibre lets the kidney beam even more.
Monogrille with iCAM Bars.
M Performance exterior mirror cap in carbon fiber.Crafted elaborately by hand in 100 per cent carbon fiber with a clear-coat finish.
M Performance Side skirt attachment in carbon fiber.Makes the 4 Series look even more „bold“.
Not possible in combination with side skirt films.
Only with M Sport.
Side skirt films.Not possible in combination with side skirt attachment.
Only with M Sport.
Decal in frozen black.Provides an individual and highly sporting character.
Position of the MPP strips accentuates the car's proportions.
Stretch over the entire lower sill and contain the M Performance branding inscription.
M Air curtain in carbon fiber.Extend of Carbon package.
Easy assembly.
The area of visible Carbon will be highly increased from the side view.
M Air curtain in carbon fiber.Extend of Carbon package.
Easy assembly.
The area of visible Carbon will be highly increased from the side view.
M Rear spoiler in carbon fiber.M Rear spoiler in carbon fiber.
Only in connection with MPA or with M Sport Package.
Create an optimised aerodynamic driving response.
M Rear diffuser in carbon fiber.Only in connection with MPA or with M Sport Package.
A highly emotional upgrade of the vehicle.
Optimises the aerodynamic figures.
M Tailpipe finisher in black high-gloss / carbon fiber.Only in combination with M Performance Silencer System, which is only available for US/CA.
The round tailpipe finisher in carbon fit only the 30i AGA (US/CA only).
The free-form panels in high-gloss black are available for all markets (for M sport package and MPA).
Visually emphasise the sporty sound of the silencer system.
Highly durable and weather-resistant.
Made of titanium and carbon fiber.
M Model badge M440i in black high-gloss.Model logo + engine type for MPA vehicles.
Serial model logo replacement through black model logo.
M Performance Silencer system.Developed specially for the new six-cylinder inline engine.
Outstanding, sporty sound outside and inside the car, which is designed to retain long distance trip capability without any loss of emotional impact.
All parts of the exhaust system are made of premium stainless steel to ensure a long service life and resistance to corrosion.
Developed using the latest CAD and FEM technology, ensuring a perfect fit and OEM quality.
Available for the new 6-cylinder (40i) and 4-cylinder in-line engine (30i)
Only available for US/CA.
M Performance Steering wheel (with / without shift paddles).Special inner lining for better grip.
Red leather motorsport centre mark.
Alcantara on the grip area.
Cross stitching silver-grey.
Modified thumb rest and hand grip.
M Performance Shift paddles in carbon fiber.Carbon fiber high gloss (fine weave).
Red anodized plus and minus symbols.
For all steering wheels with shift paddles function (MPP and series).
M Performance Steering wheel cover in carbon fiber/leather.Cover in frozen carbon fiber (openpored carbon fiber) / leather.
With M Performance lettering 3.0.
With/without steering wheel heating.
For the M Sport Steering Wheel.
M Performance Steering wheel cover in carbon/alcantara.Cover in frozen carbon fiber (openpored carbon fiber) / alcantara.
With M Performance lettering 3.0.
For the M Perfromance Steering Wheel.
M Performance Interior trims in carbon fiber.Open pored carbon fiber, which is delivered in combination with knee pads made of Alcantara.
M Performance Door sill plate in carbon fiber.With M Performance lettering 3.0.
Not illuminated.
Only for one side, fits for left and right.
Sporty optical upgrading of the vehicle.
M Performance Pedal covers.Stainless steel.
Fits also on M Model.
M Performance Logos for LED door projectors.Slides with M Performance lettering 3.0.
3 different images.
BMW LED door projectors.
M Performance Fuel filler cap cover carbon.The Original BMW component is extremely resistant to petrol and diesel fuels.
It can be installed easily by the customer.
The M Performance logo on brushed aluminium provides an extremely high value finish and creates a modern, premium look.
M Performance Floor mats.Leather-optic piping with decorative stitching in contrast colours.
M Performance branding on the front mats.
Velvety velour.
Accentuated by M stripes.
Comes in a set of four.
M Performance Key case.Alcantara / carbon fiber.
M Performance badge 3.0.

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