BMW MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS カーボン テールパイプ トリム F54 F55 F56 F57 F60


BMW MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS JCW カーボン テールパイプ トリム F54 F55 F56 F57 F60
販売価格(ダイレクトオーダー) ¥42,500-(税込、送料込)

販売価格(ダイレクトオーダー) ¥76,500-(税込、送料込)


–ラウンドJOHN COOPER WORKSカーボンテールパイプトリムは、標準サイレンサーにのみ取り付けることができます。

(Product description)
The JOHN COOPER WORKS carbon tailpipe trims and upgrade the rear of the car with their high quality, sporty appearance.
The JOHN COOPER WORKS logo embossed on the top of the tailpipe trim underlines its motorsport credentials and creates an additional, sporty highlight.

(Sales features / benefits)
– Sporty look: The tailpipe trims give the rear of the car a particularly striking look.
– High tech material: The use of carbon makes the tailpipe trims particularly high quality and sporty.
– Perfect match: The carbon properties of the JOHN COOPER WORKS tailpipe trims is a perfect match with other JOHN COOPER WORKS carbon components.
– This creates a harmonious overall appearance.

(Material) – Carbon (coating) – Stainless steel (external pipe, internal structure, connection to tailpipe)

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