(New Products)M Performance 鍛造ホイール 863M FOR F90 M5 F92 M8

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注目すべき点はスポークの肉抜きですね。スポークの肉抜き構造は某有名ホイールメーカーのモノが有名ですが他メーカーも追随しています。M PERFORMANCE、おまえもかという感じですが下述(英文)のなかに“Unique spoke geometry protected by patent with innovative look.”という一文が記載されています。このホイールに相当な自信があるのかパテントを取っているようです。


(Product description)

This 20” M Performance Y spoke 863 M alloy wheel features unique geometry and guarantees maximum rigidity coupled with low weight. This exclusive wheel is available in Ferric grey matt.

(Sales features / benefits)

  • The 20” wheel is manufactured using a sophisticatedforging and milling process.
  • Its unique three-dimensional shape is protected by a BMW patent.
  • The openings in the spokes at the transition to the rim bed reduces the air volume in the wheel so that less power is required to displace the air at high speeds.
  • The wheel features a milled M Performance logo.
  • The coloured M badge also upgrades the wheel’s appearance.
  • The high quality multi-layer coating structure in Ferric grey matt gives the wheel an exclusive, sporty look.

Comparison with competition

  • Unique spoke geometry protected by patent with innovative look.


  • Aluminium

Wheel sizes

  • Front axle: 9.5Jx20 IS28
  • Rear axle: 10.5Jx20 IS28

Tyre dimensions

  • Front axle: 275/35 R20 102Y XL
  • Rear axle: 285/35 R20 104Y XL


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